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Who is althinking?

I’m an Irishman, born & breducated (see what I did there). I like listening, learning, thinking, talking, technology, science, philosophy, psychology, polemics, politics, portmanteaus, tea, chocolate, & motorcycles; but not necessarily all at the same time 🙂

I am a Master of Science, and a Mensan. I hold a Masters degree in computer science; an honours degree in physics and computer science; a diploma in applied science, and a graduate certificate in ICT; I am an associate member of the Institute of Physics, a member of the Institution of Engineering & Technology, a member of the Irish Computer Society, and a member of Mensa.  This could of mean lots of cleverness, but one wonders how much wisdom? 😀

I work in the IT industry primarily as a software engineer specialising in telecommunications, and previously enjoyed lecturing undergraduate physics. I’m currently engaged in Android development, and consultancy. This isn’t a CV 🙂

Anyway, enjoy the eclectic mix of althinking. You can follow me on Twitter @althinking or find me on Facebook althinking. or see me on YouTube althinking.

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  1. Luke Mc Donnell says:

    Hi Althinking,

    We have an exciting event taking place during the forthcoming Science Week which may be of interest to you and followers of althinking. European astronaut Christer Fuglesang, who became the first Swede in space in 2006, will be giving a talk on his experience in space and ESA’s EXPOSURE Experiments on the International Space Station.

    To add to that, Christer was also at the opening of the Mars-500 capsule last week so he was one of the first people to speak to astronauts who took part in the Mars-500 mission! So he will also be able to talk to us about their experiences and about this exciting time in space exploration. This truly is a unique opportunity to hear from an expert on the most important ‘space mission’ in recent years.

    The event will take place on Thursday 17th November at 6.30pm in Belvedere College, Dublin 1.

    To book tickets to the event please email: lectures@scienceweek.ie

    If you have would like to see all of the other events taking place during Science Week you can view the comprehensive listing on: http://www.scienceweek.ie

    If you would like any more information do not hesitate to contact me on this talk or anything else going on around Science Week



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