Manic Depression

Manic Depression is getting me down and up

Manic Depression is getting me down and up


Manic Depression. What does it mean to you? A Jimi Hendrix song. Something other people have. Something weirdos have. An old name for bipolar disorder. The bane of your life. The bane of the life of someone you know and care about. Something else? For me it’s something to laugh at. And to cry at. Ha ha. *cries* I’ll simply make these observations:


  • People with manic depression should be thankful for the manic part.
  • The irony of depression driven apathy and suicidal tendencies is the apathy means you couldn’t be arsed doing it.
  • “River Deep Mountain High” – no doubt a song about a womans love for manic depression.
  • I love being bipolar so much I just want to curl up and sleep forever.
  • My favourite anagram of “manic depression” is “man dies in corpse”.
  • Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, Cry and the whole world laughs AT you.
  • I think the Grand Old Duke of York was bipolar, because when he was up he was up, and when he was down he was down.

Of course I don’t have manic depression, although I may have the milder form of it which I call Calm Malaise :p Responsible bit, if you have been affected by any of the issues discussed in this blog you can get more information here: DBSA.


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  1. Elisabeth says:

    This was an interesting, the underline of this is just be happy always try to have as much fun as possible stop being depressed watch dumb movies and have fun.

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