Mathematical Formula for Love

So what the hell is a “Mathematical Formula for Love” I hear you say. Well, y’know, if your brain is wired a certain way then you think of things, you think about lots of things, hundreds of things every week, thousands of things every month, millions of things every year. This is just another one. Y’know. Just. Think. Okay. Well, here it is. My mathematical formula for love:

∃! n ∈ ℕ: n+1 <3

Short explanation: There exists exactly one number, an element of the Natural numbers (excluding zero), such that the number plus one is less than three. That number is 1, and 1+1 <3  Of course, you know that <3 represents love, y’know like a heart 🙂

Make sense? Maybe not. Okay, so let me explain.

∃! There exists a unique number

n let’s call that unique number, ‘n’

the unique number ‘n’ is an element of

the Natural numbers (i.e. all positive whole numbers, excluding zero) i.e. 1,2,3,4,5,6,…

: such that

n+1 if we add 1 to our unique number ‘n’

<3 the result is less than 3 (Note that <3 is an emoticon for love, coz it looks like a heart right)

Make sense? Maybe not. Okay, so let me explain. Mathematically it’s a sound expression, and the only value that satisfies the condition is when n = 1. So the expression simplifies to:

1+1 <3

So why is this the Mathematical Formula for Love, because it’s basically saying 1 + 1 is love 🙂 Y’know, like when two people (1+1) get together it’s love (<3).




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  1. Great post!

    Unfortunately, this leaves out polyamory: the “state of being in love … with more than one person at the same time.” (

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