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Christopher Potter You Are Here – Review

Christopher Potter You Are Here is a very interesting read. That is if you’re at all interested in the Universe (or Multiverse), our solar system, our planet (that’s Earth for most of us), and our species (Homo Sapiens Sapiens [sic]). … Continue reading

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Bear Grylls Facing Up – Review

The name Bear Grylls is synonymous with adventure, danger, survival, and eating & drinking things you wouldn’t normally touch with a barge pole! Would you drink your own urine from a gutted snakeskin? I suppose the only thing worse would … Continue reading

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Professor Brian Cox – Wonders of the Universe – Stardust

Wonders of the Universe started with a bang and so it continued with ‘Stardust’, episode two of Professor Brian Cox’s stellar science series. Some viewers found episode one, ‘Destiny’, a bit of a downer as it mapped out the life … Continue reading

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Podcasting – The Ultimate Starter Kit, Reviewed

Podcasting was something I hadn’t delved into but in anticipation of a course I was doing on Publishing Digital Media I decided to find out what was involved in setting up and publishing a podcast. Here I review the following … Continue reading

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