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Mathematical Formula for Love

So what the hell is a “Mathematical Formula for Love” I hear you say. Well, y’know, if your brain is wired a certain way then you think of things, you think about lots of things, hundreds of things every week, … Continue reading

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Ireland – Fourth Best Team In Europe (Euro2012)?

Ireland are the 4th best team in Europe. Well they could be. Okay, it’s possible. Yes, it may not be probable. But the logic is sound… The 2 teams who qualified from Irelands group (Spain, Italy) have made it all … Continue reading

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Manic Depression

  Manic Depression. What does it mean to you? A Jimi Hendrix song. Something other people have. Something weirdos have. An old name for bipolar disorder. The bane of your life. The bane of the life of someone you know … Continue reading

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Motor Vehicle Registration Numbers

You’ve just bought a new car or motorbike and you’ve got to get it registered. Many of us like to get a vehicle registration number that we like, rather than a random string of alphanumeric symbols. Some countries allow personalised … Continue reading

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To PhD or not to PhD, that is the Question.

This morning I wrote an email to a Professor at my local University informing him that regrettably I won’t be pursuing a PhD there. It was not an everyday email to write, but in the last 12 years it was … Continue reading

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Amy Winehouse – The lesser of two Tragedies

The sudden and untimely death of 27 year-old singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse is a tragedy. I wasn’t sure “tragedy” was the correct word, but it is. One definition of “tragedy” is “a dramatic composition, often in verse, dealing with a serious or … Continue reading

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