Chemistry Jokes, My wife is a chemist…

First of all why do Chemistry graduates typically work in the Pharmaceutical industry, while Pharmacy graduates typically work in a Chemist shop? Anyway, the missus and I are both science graduates, Chemistry for her, and Physics and Computer Science for me. So typical conversations might be…

I told her I didn’t know the symbols for the elements Lithium and Argon. She said “Li Ar”

I asked her to tell me the chemical symbol for nitrous oxide. She said “NO”

I proudly told her I knew the chemical symbol for a hydroxyl. She said “OH”.

I asked her to briefly tell me something about Oxygen and Potassium. She said “O K”.

I asked her if I mixed Nobelium, 2 parts Boron and Erbium what would I get? She said “NoBBEr”.


Post your own chemisty jokes below, let’s face it, I’ve generously set the bar low 😀


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